The WaterMax water cart was designed to improve product performance for fireproofing, stucco, and other bagged products by accurately delivering water to your specifications. Other water delivery methods used such as timers or mechanical meters are subject to user error and variability. This can mean loss of yield, bond strength, and time on a job site. The WaterMax water cart uses a digital flow sensor to accurately measure the water that has been dispensed and provide fast delivery combined with accurate dispensing. The WaterMax offers true measurement and control of water into your mixer.

WaterMax Water Cart Features & Benefits

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Water Metering Accuracy Test

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Power 110 V 60 hz, Amps depend on sump pump used, but 10 A total with typical ¾ hp pump
Pump Output* Approx 33 gallons in 75 seconds with ¾ hp pump
Pump Size ¾ hp sump pump
Tank Size Graduated 50 gallon
Remote Control 50' On-Off
Width 27"
Length 38"
Height 61"
Power Requirement 110V 15A circuit
Measurement Method Digital flow meter with high accuracy
Wheels 10” Solid Casters
Pump Outlet 1” NPT outlet
Max Pumping Distance 25’ max recommended, longer hose increases time to dispense. 1” Minimum hose size


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  • Mixer water bar


  • High level of accuracy
  • Batch consistency
  • More consistent yield from product
  • Saves money makes a bag of material go farther
  • More accurate than timers.



  • Fireproofing
  • Wastewater
  • Stucco/Plastering
  • Infrastructure Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • EIFS


  • Float Valve Replacement kit #CM71WB059
  • Float Valve #CM71WB056
  • 1” x 25’ hose UN641025
  • 1” camlock gasket UN640010G
  • 1” A Camlock UN640010AA
  • 1” D camlock UN640010DA
  • ¾” Garden Hose Shut Off Valve UN500010