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How to Keep Your Fireproofing Projects Productive, Quiet, and Dust-Free

By: Allen Mills, President HyFlex CM71 Continuous Mixer and 321EHP high pressure hydraulic pumps are more than powerful productivity tools. They are also important safety promoters for construction regulations and OSHA requirements for the[…]
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SFRM Industry and the COVID Crisis - Insights from the Field

By: Chad Swisher, Sales Manager Recently, HyFlex held an online SFRM Crisis Roundtable to discuss fireproofing industry insights from across the U.S. and Canada on the obvious hot topic of the day, the coronavirus that we've all been dealing with.[…]
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Preparing for the Post-COVID-19 Industrial Rebound

By: Chad Swisher, Sales Manager Amidst the shutdowns and regulations surrounding Covid-19, the closing of schools, cancellations of major events, and even the full suspension of the NBA and other professional leagues, things in the construction[…]
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How to Winterize a Hydraulic Fireproofing Pump [Video]

Allen Mills, President of HyFlex, took some time out on a jobsite to walk through winterizing a hydraulic pump manifold. Watch the video or read the step-by-step process below!
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Industrial Construction Sees Optimism in 2020 Forecast

It’s been a great three-quarters of a decade for the industrial construction sector and by proxy the fireproofing industry. The entire United States economy has been in the middle of its longest expansion in history and when the economy is strong,[…]
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Upgrading Your Fireproofing Pumps - A Skeptic's Point of View

William "Bill" Higbie Jr. - Owner and President of Island International, was skeptical about changing out the fireproofing pumps that his company had used for decades. But when a 26-story commercial fireproofing project at Boston Seaport arose, Bill[…]
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The Importance of Training for Contractors and Laborers

Through our discussions with contractors and our manufacturing partners, we have heard time and again that the labor pool across the construction industry is undergoing many transformations. The most significant issue contractors face is lack of[…]
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