“Smallest” High production fireproofing pump in the world!

Ideal for contractors who require high volume output without spending a big budget. Unique, state-of-the-art, three models offered — 600psi, 800psi and 1,500psi line pressure units. Can pump greater than 50 floors with up to 1,000 ft. of hose. The cost to operate every 15,000 bags and pump safety associated with the 321E models are unmatched. The most durable and money-making pump you can own. Time tested to consistently run without issue at job sites. Inquire and start saving today…


Power 7.5 hp or 15 hp electric motor
Speed Control Dial-a-Speed hydraulic speed control
Power Output*** Variable 0-23 gpm or 60 bags per hour ✝
Pump Size 3 in x 20 in dual hydraulic piston
Pump Hopper Capacity Standard 3.6 cu ft, Floor 13.5 cu ft
Pump Charge Height 4.5 gpm or 12 bags✝ per hour
Pump Size Standard 3.6 cu ft 40 in / floor hopper 20 in
Pump Hopper Capacity 60 gal/3 bags
Pump Charge Height Standard 3.6 cu ft 40 in / floor hopper 20 in
Pressure Output*** 800 psi recommended max working / adjustable pressure control
Remote Control 2 wire 12 vdc, length configured at time of order
Width 28 in
Length 62 in
Height 34 in
Weight 1,270 lbs bare machine, +80 lbs 3.6 cu ft hopper, +175 lbs 13.5 cu ft floor hopper
Power Requirement 50/60 HZ 190/208/240 V 44/39/37 FLA three phase
Optional high voltage 50/60 HZ 380/460V 22/18.5 FLA three phase
Wheels 2-8 in rigid x 2-8 in swivel caster urethane over steel
Drive Pressure compensated hydraulic drive
Pump Outlet 2 in NPT pipe
Air Output 12 cfm @ 40 psi (90 psi max) onboard Emglo compressor
Recommended Pumping Distance** 550 ft
Max Aggregate Size* .188 in
Available Options**** High Voltage Input
Wireless Remote
100 A single-phase input
60 A three-phase output
Phase Converter Panel
2 in Heavy Duty or Victaulic pump outlet

✝ 1 bag = 3.0 cu ft yield

* This is maximum aggregate size recommended for pump. Mix design will determine how well product will pump.

** Pumping distance and output may be increased or decreased significantly depending on mix design, but we believe these to be very achievable in most instances.

*** Maximum pressure and maximum output are not achievable simultaneously.

**** Items may not be in stock and may add lead time to order

Copyright 2020 HyFlex Corporation. All information contained within this document is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
HyFlex reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.


  • Smallest high production fireproofing footprint on planet earth – Portable, fits in short bed pickup.
  • 15 or 7.5hp Leeson electric motor –Silent and requires zero maintenance.
  • 30 (up to 60) bags per hour, 250 bags per shift depending on vertical/material & applicator.
  • Pressure safety control – If back pressure exceeds pumps set point, it stops – Versus blowing hose/gasket.
  • Hose length from 10 to 1,000′, no manifold back pressure required – Save not using 3″ surge hoses.
  • 2″ outlet uses 2″ NPT/Camlock hose, optional 3″ outlet for existing standpipe.
  • Daily operator maintenance is filling Lube oil box with any type oil for piston cup lubrication. Less than 1qt of oil.
  • A Hydraulic Piston design has far less repairs than a mechanical piston pump. Repair savings.
  • 321E Does not use these fail items – Expense to repair Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys, Gear box, Transmission or Clutches.
  • Spray volume easily changes without stopping pump, turn dial up or down. – Higher productivity.
  • Toggle switch controls are easy to use and field repair – Unlike expensive membrane/touch pad.
  • This is one of the simplest and most effective machines I’ve ever used. HyFlex’s staff is as helpful as its machines. They’re always friendly and able to answer questions. But you won’t have any questions or confusion when it comes to using the 321E."

    David Dal Pra, Project Manager, Wohl Diversified Services

  • This is a great machine. It never breaks down, I never have any issues with it. The HyFlex team is equally strong. It’s just a great group of polite people. Like the 321E machine itself, HyFlex always helps me out."

    Michael Rich, President, RicMor Construction Inc.

  • I actually have a 321 in my truck right now as we speak. I love this machine. It gives you the most bang for your buck as far as distance pumps go. It’s incredibly easy to work with — simple and super-convenient."

    Bill Baer, Fireproofing Project Manager, Midwest Service Group


  • Low/Medium/High-Density Fireproofing