VersaMax is a diesel-powered fully hydraulic pump and mixer for fireproofing, infrastructure repair, plaster, stucco, and other coatings applications.

It is designed for medium to high output projects and can easily deliver fireproofing and other coating materials and can pump more than 1000 feet horizontally and 50 stories vertically. 

VersaMax delivers up to 50 bags per hour of output with up to 1500 psi of pumping pressure to effectively replace mechanical piston pumps common in the industry.  

VersaMax combines the versatility of a modern Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine with the reliable and powerful hydraulic 321E electric fireproofing pump.  It is the industry’s exclusive fully-hydraulic piston pump in this class, eliminating gearboxes, clutches, mechanical drive systems.

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Maintenance has been made easier with the new valve body and manifold designs.  All comes apart in minutes with our unique clamping system so that it can be drained, cleared, or cups changed very quickly with less skill to do the work.  


Power Yanmar Tier 4 Final 3-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, 24.7 hp @ 2200 rpm as rated by the manufacturer
Pump Cylinders Fully hydraulic 3” dual piston pump
Pump Hopper Capacity 22 gallon/minute or 50 bags/hour fireproofing output
Mixer Tub Height 50”
Mixer Capacity 12 cu ft
Mixer Hood Dust suppression hood standard; Dust collecting hood optional
Mixer Features 4 blades/rubber wipers, forward/reverse directions, cleanout on side of tub
Pressure Output 1,500 psi recommended max working/adjustable pressure control
Dry Vehicle Weight 3600 lbs
Drive Dual cylinder hydraulic dump
Pump Outlet 2” HD coupling pump outlet standard
Air Compressor Approximately 14 cfm @ 40 psi
Trailer Features 17 ft long and 84 in wide, Torsion axle suspension, 5000 lb axle 8 lug hub, 2-5/16” ball coupler standard, 2” ball or pintle available on request


  • Pumps materials more than 1000 feet horizontally and 50 stories vertically.
  • Towable - has torsion axles for smooth towing. 
  • Lightweight and easily towed with 1/2 ton pickup truck.   
  • Hydraulic-powered 12 cu ft mixer with forward and reverse controls.  
  • Hydraulic dumping mixer allows the operator to quickly and efficiently dump loads of material all day long without tiring or getting injured. 
  • Twin dump cylinders to keep the tub balanced and ensure a long life. 
  • Unique dust cover that's easily is lifted for occasional spray off of buildup and stays safely in place for dumping.  
  • Water bar available for dispensing water into the tub while helping suppress the dust at the same time.  
  • Hydraulic pump includes two 20" long x 3" material cylinders for smooth delivery of the material.   
  • Fully variable hydraulic speed control allows full pumping speed range.  


  • Low/Medium/High-Density Fireproofing
    • Commercial Fireproofing
    • Industrial Fireproofing
  • Plaster/Stucco Spraying
    • Scratch/Brown coat
  • Infrastructure Repair
    • Manhole Restoration
    • Concrete Repair Mortar
    • Bridge Repair
    • Cellular Concrete
    • Injection Work
    • Slab Jacking
VersaMax Pump and Mixer System for Fireproofing