The perfect gas-powered pump for spraying Fireproofing/Stucco/EIFS. Proven performance and reliability, this pump is a triple threat -Towable Axle, narrow Axle and Truck Mounted. The compressor is standard. Call today about the 30G.


Power Kohler Command Pro 14HP estimated (429cc)
Fuel Tank Kohler 1.85 Gallon Gas Tank
Speed Control Dial-a-Speed electronic speed control
Controls Mechanical & electric hydraulic controls
Pump Output High Output model 11 gpm or 30 bags✝ per hour
High Torque model 8.5 gpm or 23 bags✝ per hour
Pump Size Optimized 2L6 rotor & stator
Pump Hopper Capacity 60 gal/3 bags
Pump Charge Height 32 in
Pressure Output 350 psi max recommended working pressure
Directional Control Forward and reverse
Remote Control 2 wire 36" On/Off remote standard (can be extended to 500 ft total)
Overall Dimensions Wide Axle 48 W x 84 L x 42 H (in)
Narrow Axle 33 w x 84 L x 42 H (in), (width 33 in without grate)
Weight Wide Axle 585 lbs, Narrow Axle 530 lbs
Wheels – Towable Rear 20.5 x 4.80 x 12, Front 10 in swivel caster
Wheels – Narrow Rear 15 x 4.80 x 8, Front 10 in swivel caster
Drive Hydraulic variable speed
Pump Outlet 2 in female camlock standard
Maximum Aggregate size *** 1/8 in
Recommended Pumping Distance**** High Output* 150 ft
High Torque** 200 ft
Air Output 12 cfm @ 40 psi (90 psi max) Onboard Chinook compressor
Available Options Truck Mount (TM), Gas Engine (G), 
Wide axle - Towable
Narrow axle - Non-Towable
High Output* or High Torque**

✝ 1 bag = 3.0 cu ft yield

* High output model recommended for use with products that pump more easily where higher output is desired. Low-density fireproofing and self-leveling underlayments would be good choices.

** High torque model recommended for use with hard-to-pump products or extreme pumping distances or heights. Mortars and stuccos would fit this category.

*** This is maximum largest aggregate size recommended for pump. Mix design will determine how effectively the product will pump.

**** Pumping distance and output may be increased or decreased significantly depending on mix design, but we believe these to be very achievable in most instances.

Copyright 2020 HyFlex Corporation. All information contained within this document is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
HyFlex reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.


  • 10gpm or 18+ bags per hour Fireproofing material, characteristics dependent on vertical/material
  • Toggle switch controls are easy to use and field repair – Unlike expensive membrane/touch pad.
  • Kohler Gas 14hp Engine, easy access engine with an Electric Start – Starts up in no time.
  • 2L6 optimized stator has less friction, offered in Adjustable, Hard & Soft options – Noticeably longer field life.
  • Seal Pack uses high quality bearings, 5 seal/4 grease pockets – Seal pack lasts years, Industry best.
  • Hydraulic variable speed dial 0-100%, no changing belts or pulleys to change speed.
  • Integrated Compressor – 12cfm Cinook, is heavy duty & continuous operating.
  • Remote 2-wire 36" pendant standard and expandable up to 500′, plus the industry best HyFlex water resistant on/off switch.
  • We bought our first pump from HyFlex about 20 years ago. We have three pumps now, including the 30G. When we order parts, we receive them fast so it doesn’t impact our project schedule. From buying our first pump to our last one, the experience was the same. HyFlex worked closely with us to make sure the pump we purchased would meet our production goals. They are always accessible and helpful."

    Ed St. Clair, Project Manager, Saint Plastering Systems, Inc.

  • We’ve had great success using the HZ-30G for stucco applications on two recent projects. We successfully pumped 100 feet vertical and up to 250 feet overall. We’re especially impressed with the ease of use and the safety benefits compared to the much larger diesel engine pumps. The technical support was great and service has been an ease. We look forward to using the HZ-30G even more and continuing our partnership with HyFlex for years to come."

    Jim Montgomery, V.P. Operations, Spectro Construction, Inc.

  • It was very useful to have such a productive machine in a tight area. We sprayed approximately 30 truckloads of fireproofing material with it. Our customer was impressed with the way we could use the machine and not interfere with other crafts. The machine still has all the original wear parts and it’s still pumping great."

    David Wilson, Construction Manager, Marquis Construction Services, Inc.


  • Low/Medium/High-Density Fireproofing
    • Industrial Fireproofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Scratch/Brown coat
  • EFIS
  • Plaster/Stucco Spraying
  • Injection Work
  • Manhole Restoration
  • Concrete Repair Mortar
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Bridge Repair
  • Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment
  • Slab Jacking
  • Cementitious Coatings Under 1/8 inch Aggregate