cm71 fireproofing mixer


Automation at the mixer…

The CM71 continuous mixer was exclusively designed and certified for low to medium density cementitious fireproofing material. The CM71 produces a continuous supply of material with unmatched consistency of output day in and day out. Are you looking for an overall better quality output, higher job production, all while eliminating associated mix issues? Inquire about the CM71 today.

CM71 Continuous Mixer Features & Benefits

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Power 1-1/2 HP 208-230V 1750 RPM
(3 HP 230V 3450 RPM, three phase, 50 Hz, 380V available on request)
Speed Control Fixed-speed motor
Mixer Output Varies with paddle configuration, 30-60 bags/hour, low-density fireproofing
Mix Tube 40 in lg x 8 in ID
Charge Height 54 in from 12 in work platform
Booster Pump 13 gpm @ 40 psi
Water Inlet 3/4 female garden hose / 3/4 FPT
Water Tank Capacity 40 gallon
Float 40 psi 20 gpm, 100 psi maximum
Height 65 in without bag grate, 73 in with bag grate
Width 28 in with platform folded, 54 in with platform down
Length 48 in without mix tube, 92 in with mix tube
Weight 693 lbs
Hopper Capacity 3 bags
Power Requirement 1-1/2 HP 208-230V 22 FLA, 3 HP 230V 18FLA
Wheels 2 - 8 in rigid x 2 - 8 in swivel caster urethane over steel
Mix Paddle (HMP-high density, LMP-low density) Low density contains 72 uni directional mix paddles, High density contains 72 multi-directional mix paddles
Powder Auger (PA) Options 3 in, 3-1/2 in, 4 in
High-Speed Configuration Dual Density: 3 in PA, HMP, 3 hp 3450 RPM, can be used for high and low density (recommended for Cafco 300/400)
Low-Speed Configuration High Density: 3 in PA, HMP, 1-1/2 hp 1725 RPM, high density only (approx 45 bags/hr) Low Density, Low Output: 3 in PA, LMP, 1-1/2 hp 1725 RPM (low density only - approx 30 bags/hr) Low Density, High Output: 4 in PA, LMP. 1-1/2 hp 1725 RPM (low density only - approx 60 bags/hr)

PA=Powder Auger, LMP=Low Density Mix Paddle, HMP=High Density Mix Paddle
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  • No variation in mixing or density from water fluctuation or mix time
  • Water delivery system removes pressure and flow fluctuations from systems that connect directly to the source
  • Auger and paddle combinations produce the correct output and density for different applications
  • Mix tube safety prevents accidental injuries when removing the tube for cleaning
  • Totally enclosed tank keeps water clean and the pump protected
  • Digital water meter has programmable units and displays flow rate and total dispensed
  • Onboard tank float keeps tank full
  • Expanded metal work platform gives good slip protection and keeps the mess away from the operator’s feet
  • Fits through a 36 inch doorway
  • 8 inch polyurethane casters allow smooth, easy transport
  • Large inventory of parts! Orders placed by noon will be shipped out the same day
  • Any fireproofing contractor can tell you that downtime due to equipment failure is one of the easiest ways to blow your budgets. But HyFlex produces highly reliable, low maintenance equipment. We use the HZ-30E Stator Pump and the CM71 Continuous Mixer. Together these two pieces of equipment give us the flexibility to set up our equipment in close proximity to any structure that requires fireproofing, whether it’s a new penthouse or a building addition."

    Tim Fisher, Project Manager, Thermal Supply Fire Stop Systems, LLC

  • The CM71 is a great, self-contained machine, and HyFlex is a great company to work with. The tech support team is always very helpful and knowledgeable."

    Kenneth Sunday, President, Structural Applicators Inc.


  • Low/Medium Density Fireproofing