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 Pyrok Acoustement acoustical plasters are widely utilized by designers for their beauty, design, flexibility, sound absorption, durability, value, and more.

This product has full exterior weathering capabilities and has many exterior applications as well as interiors in harsh environments. Living up to Pyrok’s environmentally friendly approach, the spray-applied formulation is 100% free from asbestos and mineral fibers, polystyrene, and cellulose. This product is also highly resistant to abuse (i.e. impact, abrasion, moisture, hostile industrial areas, etc.) Acoustement is frequently used for interior/exterior renovation projects and new construction, such as transportation facilities, correctional projects, lobbies, atriums, tunnels, natatoriums, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, contact wall areas, and any other area requiring high abuse resistance and sound absorption qualities.

This acoustical plaster provides wall and ceiling treatments in custom colors and a variety of textures. It can be applied in different degrees of thickness to achieve various acoustical results.

Detailing all Pyrok Acoustement products is similar to working with stucco and traditional three-coat plaster. Utilize metal and plastic screeds, beads, reveals, J-molding, and corner aids; as well as wood trims and Fry Reglets conforming to the thickness of the acoustement desired. All Pyrok Acoustement products can be applied to different thicknesses to achieve optimal acoustical performance.

“Whether you choose the product primarily for its range of aesthetic possibilities or for its high acoustical performance ratings, you will derive the benefits of both,” Pyrok states in this brochure that breaks down all of the benefits of the product.

Designers and owners choose Pyrok Acoustement for their projects because Pyrok provides:

  • Resistance to damage
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Superior in-place acoustical performance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Non-combustible and non-toxic formulation