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Thermocromex™ is a true limestone plaster ultra-high-performance cladding that delivers the dazzling look and natural durability of stone.

Available in custom colors, Thermocromex produces a powerful, permanent finish that requires no other coloring or top coat. (This finish is also both weatherproof and breathable.) The end result is an original, organic look that you can enjoy for years with little to no maintenance required.


  • Naturally weatherproofs, no moisture barriers required
  • Never needs recoloring, uses only non-fading inorganic pigments
  • Exceptional vapor permeability, will not trap moisture
  • 20-year performance warranty includes keeping out the rain, delamination, etc.
  • No shrinkage cracks
  • Non-combustible per ASTM E-136, can be used on all wall assemblies
  • 45 potential LEED v4 points in 8 categories
  • Outstanding performance in any climate from -50°F to 120°F
  • Passes accelerated weathering and wind-driven rain tests; no effect from salt fog exposure
  • Air permeance is 100% better than new ASHRAE standard for air barriers
  • Easily applied to multiple substrates, even over brick
  • Very low capillarity, will not absorb water
  • Low modulus of elasticity, very flexible
  • Product life expectancy is multi-generational


Thermocromex carries a 20-year material performance warranty that includes keeping out the rain and delamination.