The 30GM is ideal for manhole restoration projects. Therefore, it’s the perfect complement to our Slinger Spincaster, which applies cement linings to manholes. With the benefits of its hydraulic mixer and water batching systems, the GM makes for a mobile pumping station unlike any other in the industry.


Power Kohler Command Pro 14HP estimated (429cc)
Fuel Tank Kohler 1.85 Gallon Gas Tank
Speed Control Dial-a-Speed electronic speed control
Controls Mechanical & electric hydraulic controls
Pump Output 4.5 gpm or 12 bags✝ per hour
Pump Size Optimized 2L6 rotor & stator
Pump Hopper Capacity 60 gal/3 bags
Pump Charge Height 32 in
Mixer Capacity 4.5 cu ft
Mixer Features 4 blades/rubber wipers, forward/reverse directions, dump forward and backward for cleanout, variable speed 0-45 rpm
Platform Specifications 600 lb capacity, foldable/removable, 36 W x 36 L x 19 H (in)
Pressure Output 350 psi max recommended working pressure
Directional Control Forward and reverse
Remote Control 2 wire 125 ft On/Off remote standard (can be extended up to 500 ft total)
Overall Dimensions GM 66 W x 140 L x 68 H (in)
Weight GM 1380 lbs; Truck Mount (TM) 1250 lbs
Wheels Rear 175/80R13
Drive Hydraulic variable speed
Pump Outlet 2 in camlock standard
Max Aggregate Size* 1/8 in
Recommended Pumping Distance** 150 ft
Air Output 12 cfm @ 40 psi (90 psi max) onboard Chinook compressor
Standard Features Electric start, rubber isolated engine mounts, reversible
Trailer Features 4 prong flat plug, submersible LED rear lights, 2 in ball receiver, independent torsion axles, jack w/caster
Available Options Truck Mount (TM), Gas Engine (G), Diesel Engine (D) Adjustable Stator Tool Box Mount

✝ 1 bag = 3.0 cu ft yield

* This is maximum aggregate size recommended for pump. Mix design will determine how well product will pump.

** Pumping distance and output may be increased or decreased significantly depending on mix design, but we believe these to be very achievable in most instances.

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HyFlex reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.


  • Low maintenance seal design — long lasting and cost effective
  • Easy access engine and hydraulics for quick daily maintenance
  • Manual and electric controls give you variability at your command
  • Electric start
  • Backward (reverse) dumping mixer allows cleanup while pumping
  • Work platform keeps your feet dry and makes it easy to load the mixer
  • Variable speed pump and mixer speed
  • Can easily be towed with an ATV or UTV to remote locations — doesn’t require a heavy duty truck to transport
  • 2L6 rotor stator gives exceptional performance with difficult materials
  • All switches and relays sealed in a watertight control box for reliability
  • We are big fans of the HyFlex 30GM. We use this tough little mixer pump system in combination with our Viper Li’L Bit Foam Generator to make a self-contained, lightweight foamed grouting system, which we offer to our customers."

    Ron Vermillion, CEO, Vermillion LLC and Associates

  • This machine is very neat and effective for our daily manhole rehab. Cleanout is simple and quick. And the ability to pump great distances is much appreciated."

    Mike May, Operations Manager, National Works, Inc.

  • It was very useful to have such a productive machine in a tight area. We sprayed approximately 30 truckloads of fireproofing material with it. Our customer was impressed with the way we could use the machine and not interfere with other crafts. The machine still has all the original wear parts and it’s still pumping great."

    David Wilson, Construction Manager, Marquis Construction Services, Inc.


  • Low/Medium/High-Density Fireproofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Plaster/Stucco Spraying
  • Injection Work
  • Manhole Restoration
  • Concrete Repair Mortar
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Bridge Repair
  • Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment
  • Slab Jacking
  • Cementitious Coatings Under 1/8 inch Aggregate